Joanna Leszczyńska

PORTFOLIO - Joanna Leszczyńska


The most of artworks presented on my webside has been made ​​in a unique paint reducer printing  technique. The technique involves the removal of the chemical dye covering the fibers. The complete chemical reaction at the level of destruction of the dye occurs due to the exposure to high temperatures.The way how to build an image using multiple superimposed fragments of silk screen prints from the matrix is that one which refers to the general characteristics of all my works. From both the practical and artistic points of view, it means that neither of the graphics has only been   created as a separate drawing exposed and  amplified by silk screen printing but  they have also been intended to be constructed directly on the fabric, which in its final result, distinguishes each of them unique and as such one does not exist itself on the matrix.

In my works I tend to undertake the discussion of the questions  of the existential nature and try simultaneously to give the answers to the following questions:” How are we spotted from the perspective of  Cosmos?”, “How does our existence set together against the vast space in which everything is in constant motion?” or” Is life just the wonderful perpetum mobile” which once set in motion is in move for ever not capable of stopping?” .In consequence  some other similar questions appear:” What  all of this is our consciousness? How is it formed? What are the decisive factors?”In a series of so many questions, the final of my feelings is the obligation to find   the most accurate  reply to the most intriguing question ,that is” To which extent can we influence on our lives?”

The inspirations for my artistic work are usually derived not only from the general observations of the world which surrounds me, but also from modern architecture, popular science literature and belles – lettres .  Their results are found in the reflection on the existence and profound amazement over  the natural human abilities of building and destroying. Continuous experimentation is one of the characteristic features of the techniques which I use.  The creation process doesn’t take place only at the early stage, that means at the level of topic selection but also, which is worth mentioning, at the phase of the template formation.  The process of creation of prints is of extreme importance for me and is usually conditioned by their versatility which is comprehended as the artistic potential covered by their supreme value to be used in my later work. The creative process is a little bit similar to the game of  chess between two players, that means between me and my own imagination. I’m investigating the possible  transformations resulting from the overlapping of different networks. This method of multiple overlapping print on a selected and well-defined area of ​​work often leads to the effects of “moire”,  characteristic flicker (hated by all the typographers) that can be observed while comparing identical  areas of contrasting colours in shape and size which do not differ in voltage values. Frankly admitting  I use this game  illusions purposely and deliberately  I often incorporate them into my work to some extent.  It can be comprehended as the specific programming agendas  with the following analysis of the effects created by them. The emerging forms which appear during the creative time are considered to as the undertaking of the next step with the attention and concentration due to a chess player. It is worth mentioning that the fabric has its own, sometimes regarded as incomprehensible, way I have to follow in order to get the work completely finished. In contrast to all  well-known traditional or classical graphic techniques based on the execution of a particular series of prints in a defined circulation, my ” size of issue” is never defined because each of  the prints I obtain is unique. It may  be regarded  as so called “one-copy issue”. Each picture is different from each other although I use the same template. In this case occurred, the amount of work that can be obtained with the use of a set of screens is limited only by my imagination